Learn with us at The Barn School

Our aim is to offer learners choice for building friendships, skills, and community.

Youth-initiated Clubs

Kids do not have access to the resources that adults often do.  With this in mind, we strive to support youth in their efforts to create their own interest-driven clubs.  These clubs happen during hours where a facilitator is on-site but are not lead by a facilitator. 


Sometimes learners just want to hang out and play.  Or do a project with other people around.  Or sit and chat.  We have space dedicated to these activities.  Playborhood is similar to a recreational program in that caregivers need to be onsite or available for immediate pick-up.  Caregivers can participate in adult learning and have their child in playborhood if it is offered.  Playborhood is an hourly fee-based program.

Interest-Driven Classes

We encourage learners to request classes!  Perhaps we have facilitators on staff who have the skill-set to teach or perhaps we will be accessing members of our larger community to us.  Or perhaps a learner has a skill set they wish to offer in the form of a class? Either way, we are happy to create 6-10 week learning classes.  Classes will be fee-based and offer certificates of completion for any learners who are building a portfolio.


Guest speakers, guest lecturers, documentary movie nights, think tanks…what else would you love to see in our space?  We welcome families to check out our events and participate as they feel inspired.  The more often we use our space in ways that meet our needs for community and learning, the more comfortable we will feel.  Fees vary.


We are working on this one!  Check in later!


Many of our facilitators have unique skill sets that can make life a little easier for families who are navigating the complexities in front of them.  If you wish to work with a facilitator one on one, please reach out and ask about availability.  Our facilitators have their skill-sets listed in their profiles under the “Facilitators” tab. 

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