The Barn School Grounds

An inspiring setting

Our school is situated on an acre of land with urban farming beds which also serve as our playground. Beyond the stream, there is another acre lush with a Walnut grove, black raspberry bushes, and native plants. This acre is not conventionally farmed but the plants and produce from this acre are used to sell at farmer’s markets as part of our fundraising efforts. Beyond the farm house, there is an old orchard. We intend to revive this orchard and host a small apiary.

Space to grow

Within our Barn School building, we will have separate rooms and spaces for the following:

  • Science, art, water play, play dough, and learning in the messy room
  • Blocks, action figures, train sets, animals, Dress-up, dramatic play, and little kid reading in the little kid room.
  • a loft for reading and Minecrafting
  • A silo room for Yoga, meditation, group meetings, naps, and restorative circles.
  • A Meeting Room for group classes and meetings requiring a table or projector.
  • An open space for gathering, pursuing projects, and socializing.
  • An outdoor garden and play space for growing, observing, playing, and planting.

An expansive community

Our campus is much more than this location though. We believe strongly that learning happens everywhere and we intend to explore our community according to our interests and opportunities. The wider Barn School community, consisting of our families, neighbours, and personal contacts, offers us an expanded campus with unlimited potential.

Where to find us

The Barn School is located at 2179  Dundas Street West in Burlington. The property is minutes from the QEW and 407. As of 2020, it will be accessible by Burlington public transit, thereby also linked to GO bus and train terminals.