Student Assessment

Tracking progress

As learners mature, planning and organizing their learning because a large part of their learning.  In addition to our daily check-ins to keep track of how goals and ideas are progressing, learners above the age of 6 keep track of their learning through weekly blog reflections.  These reflections can be in the form of a written blog, pictures, or videos.  These reflections can be done as individuals or with others.  Large projects may be captured in unique ways and show-cased during open house events.  In addition, learners finish each term with a portfolio review and goal setting for the next term.   If they wish they can invite a parent or community member to join their review if they think that person would offer valuable insights to their learning.

We believe that learners themselves are the best judges of how well they have learned and what they need to do next to get their desired result. The nice part about this style of assessment is that there is no shame associated with failure. Students are internally motivated to learn and explore based on their curiosity and goals. 

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