We believe that, given the right environment, people are naturally motivated to educate themselves in ways that match their skills, interests, and the world around them. We strive to create an environment that offers:

Nurturance to Become

We value emotional and social learning as much as we value traditional learning. We use nonviolent communication tactics and consensus based decision making to work through feelings and conflict. Respect for children as people is at the core of all we do.

Freedom to Grow

This is a community of learners who make their own choices. Learners decide what activities they should participate in to satisfy their learning goals and meet their needs. The world is changing at an ever increasing rate and young people who are self-aware, engaged, and empowered are in the best position to navigate the opportunities in the 21st Century.

Support to Learn

We tend not to segregate by age or ability. With this diversity comes creativity, self discovery, compassion, and increased opportunities for learning. We encourage learners of all ages to play an active role in creating clubs, events, and requesting classes.  If they have a unique skill set, we encourage them to lead a class if they wish!  As a community of learners, we do our best to tap into our shared resources to help one another to achieve the learning we wish to achieve. With a variety of experiences and opportunities to interact with all types of people, learners explore the world and their place in it.