Parent Involvement

We believe that parents are a key success factor to Self-Directed Learning. We encourage parents to:

Join us as learners transition to life at The Barn School

Children look to parents and caregivers with whom they have a securely attached relationship, to give them feedback and help them regulate in a new environment. As facilitators try to establish rapport and trust with a new learner, parents are encouraged to observe and offer support as requested. We’ll give you some guidelines about what this might look like in our environment.


Our school is a busy place with many tasks. We would love your help during school hours or outside of 9-3pm. We would love help with fundraising, committee work, washing linens and gathering supplies, representing us at Farmer’s Markets and community events. We would also love to have you offer to teach a class, extend a co-op placement at your place of work, or reach out to your network to help us expand our community of knowledge experts! Your cousin Tyler who researches Southern Ontario Bat poop may be just the person a young learner in our community was hoping to connect with! You never know!

Seek support

One of the biggest shifts of this style of education falls on the adults. If we want Self-Directed Education to succeed, we need to trust our young people and be conscious of when they are requesting assistance and when we are putting our needs and ideas on them. We offer parent support workshops on a regular basis to assist parents with the things they are struggling with as they embark on this Self-Directed Education journey with their child. We really hope you will join us from the start and as often as you can. We can support one another as we make the shift from fear and judgment to trust and peace.

Help us to expand our community

During our off hours, we would like to offer parents a chance to use our space in exchange for a donation to the school. If you run workshops, are a yoga instructor or part of a new technology networking group, please consider using our space for your next meeting or class? We’ll happily share your events with our community.

Participate in our fundraising and community building efforts

Invite the grandparents, friends, and neighbors to join us for movie night, family dance party, wild black raspberry pick-a-thon, or the Holly Jolly Stock-up. Purchase produce grown by your kids and their friends!


Help us help others

We offer financial aid to families who meet our criteria and request assistance. If you know of a grant that would be applicable to learners at our school or a private company interested in making a donation or creating a scholarship that directly helps a learner who wishes to get the kind of support we offer, please contact Erin.

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