Erin Fleming, Facilitator of Ideas/Creator of Opportunities

Erin has always been interested in questions related to health, happiness, and learning.  She studied these topics in her undergrad and got an MBA before attending teacher’s college. After working as a public school teacher in an Ontario and watching her own family learn naturally, Erin was keen to start the Barn School to offer more families the chance to experience Self-Directed Education.

Soren Cowie, Facilitator of Outdoor Activities

Soren has been working on farms since 2011 and Learning in the Woods since 2016. He is well-connected in the local and urban farming community and happy to show others the outdoor knowledge he has picked up. Homeschooled in Hamilton, he is familiar with SDE philosophy. Soren shares his perspective of the world in his music recordings and photography and he is a natural role model to the little people at The Barn School.

Mika Gang, Abilities and Acceptionalities Facilitator

Mika’s interest in respectful and inclusive education emerged throughout her work as a counselor and camp director at a summer camp focused on youth empowerment and later as a special needs classroom teacher. For her formal teaching education she completed her Master of Teaching degree at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). Through her past experience and ongoing learning, Mika has developed a passion for facilitating learning environments which allow for children to explore the world around them, develop connections with their community and discover their leadership skills using their own passions and curiosities.

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