Erin Fleming, Facilitator of Ideas/Creator of Opportunities

Erin has always been interested in questions related to health, happiness, and learning.  She studied these topics in her undergrad and got an MBA before attending teacher’s college. After working as a public school teacher in an Ontario and watching her own family learn naturally, Erin was keen to start the Barn School to offer more families the chance to experience Self-Directed Education.

Marianne Workman, Facilitator

Marianne brings to The Barn School a wealth of knowledge related to Self-Directed Education, with additional work experiences in related to conservation and the environment, entrepreneurial business, and government.  Marianne is a long time advocate and sharer of NVC, so her style is appreciated by parents and kids alike.

Grace Workman-Porecki, Facilitator

Grace has been a facilitator at Learning in the Woods for two years and is excited to bring her own experience in unschooling to learners at The Barn School.  Grace’s critical thinking skills and Nonviolent Communication skills help her engage learners in conversations with depth and compassion.  

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