Application and Enrollment


For Fall 2018 learners, we will not be offering an official tour although we are happy to show you our space as it comes to completion.  For Winter 2019 learners, to begin the application process, please contact us to book an introductory tour.


We know that this style of learning requires a lot of trust on the part of parents and learners.  It is important to us that we have a community of families that is open to exploring this process. After an initial tour, we will invite you to an informal child-parent interview to discuss your fit and why you chose to pursue learning at The Barn School. Here is a sample of some of the questions we may have for you or your child:


  • What brought you to The Barn School?
  • Do you value freedom of choice and want your children to think about the world with openness and curiosity?
  • Are you looking for a school where your child can experiment to discover what brings them happiness and contentment?
  • Are you ready to learn how to support a Self-Directed Education learner through all the emotions involved in their learning and growth challenges and triumphs?

Young people:

  • What things did you like about your old school?
  • What does your ideal day look like?
  • Are you are looking for a learning environment that offers flexibility in attendance, topics covered, and the pace of learning? Our learners are excited to drive their educational pursuits and use their free time to play, socialize, learn in from various sources. They spend their time doing the things that excite them the most.
  • Are you a professional performer, athlete, inventor, or entrepreneur, with a drive to pursue your passions outside of the typical classroom setting? The Barn School is an environment dedicated to celebrating talents and individual pursuits of dedication and perseverance. Real life is learning! We’re here to support you!
  • Are you a young person who wishes for a gentle environment that meets your needs for connection and peace so that you can discover your interests, develop confidence, and just feel content? We welcome young people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with warmth and inclusion.

Sample Days

If it seems as though The Barn School will be a good fit for your family, we will invite your child to take part in some sample days. This will give us a chance to see how your child handles the freedom and responsibility of a Self-Directed Education Environment. It also gives you a chance to see how our program operates.


After attending Sample Days, you will be asked to submit your child’s registration information, create a transition plan, sign a learner and parental agreement, and commit to a tuition and fee schedule.

For more information about Admissions visit:

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid